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The enterprise Customer Data Platform

Arm Treasure Data enterprise CDP empowers you to responsibly manage data from any source, at any scale so you can know your customer, build a relationship on their terms and engage them for business impact.

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Arm Treasure Data enterprise CDP brings together various data across different channels for a single, actionable view of your customer or prospect. It empowers you to gain actionable insights in order to engage in meaningful ways along the entire customer journey, grow the bottom-line and measure your success.

Designed to handle the complexities of global organizations, Treasure Data enterprise CDP is an enterprise-grade software-as-a-service that is flexible, customizable, scalable and secure.

Take the next step in improving customer experience with an enterprise Customer Data Platform

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Collect customer and product data in real time, from anywhere

Arm Treasure Data Enterprise Customer Data Platform

365体育投注开户To understand your customers you need data. When you combine first-, second- and third-party data, including historical, product and online events across multiple channels, customers can get lost or duplicated. Treasure Data connects the dots between these data records as they occur for a singular, complete and up-to-date profile of any customer and prospect.

Use Treasure Data’s enterprise CDP to collect data from different sources and reduce the need for data cleaning and preparation. Integrate customer attribute and behavioral data in a single system, including PoS, IoT, web, SaaS, mobile and offline – in batch and streaming – for multi-channel marketing.

Learn how Treasure Data’s innovative data integration capabilities help you discover every customer.

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Uncover the “Why” in every customer interaction

The ultimate customer profile is always up to date and gives you actionable insight into not only the people who purchase your product and services, but also why they buy. Treasure Data provides the right level of flexibility and automation needed to unify product details, customer attributes, behaviors and more to create customer profiles that only you can take advantage of. Our enterprise Customer Data Platform does the heavy lifting when building your customer and prospect intelligence engine and keeps it running with tools for data pipeline management, unification and real-time profile updates.

Find out how you can stay up to date and relevant with Treasure Data’s features for data management and profile unification.

Discover your best customers

Data and analysis are useful only when put into action at the right time. With Treasure Data enterprise CDP, you can easily define new segments and create personalized marketing campaigns that customers actually value and engage with.

Build segments like “customers most likely to churn” or “customers who visited a store within the last 3 months” to provide relevant, personalized offers and improve customer retention and acquisition rates. Build unique and complex customer segments with automated updates for greater campaign effectiveness and without manual intervention.

Once you’ve defined a customer segment, the possibilities are endless – predict customer churn, find out which prospects are more likely to buy from you or offer personalized recommendations. Treasure Data has Machine Learning libraries built in, so marketers can put predictive models to good use in no time.

Learn more about Treasure Data capabilities that help marketers segment customer and prospect profiles for effective targeting.
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Amplify your marketing through every channel

365体育投注开户In a noisy marketplace, being heard is accomplished by getting personal. When you want to stand out, you need a personal message or tailored offer at the right time and in the most relevant place. Treasure Data helps marketers precisely target the right groups of people for the most effective multi-channel marketing. It leverages the systems you already use by making quick work of synchronizing critical customer groups for timely, personalized recommendations, offers, communications, promotions and more.

Find out how Treasure Data can help you engage your buyers for the best customer experience.
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365体育投注开户We understand that no two companies operate alike. Our professional services team can help you custom configure a self - managed solution that doesn’t require IT support. And our highly attentive technical support staff is always on hand whenever you need assistance.

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